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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Featured Entry - Supply and Demand for Hugs

It was very late one night, and Chris and I were talking on AIM. Ofcourse, we started to talk about our Economics class and how we were enjoying learning the subject. Our conversation then converted into an in-depth discussion on an economical opinion of hugs. The subject in question was very mundane, but somehow we were able to make it work. We decided that scarcity was apparent when it concerned hugs. Some people rarely hug others, and so their hugs are obviously scarce. On the other hand, people who always give hugs have too much supply and therefore there isn't too much demand for them. Our conversation also inculded the opportunity costs and incentives for certain people's hugs. This may have seemed as an absolutely absurd topic to be discussing economically but it was really fun to make it work...and it made so much sense!

- Riddhima Hinduja


Sam said...

How many times have you heard a girl say, I love you in the hallway at school? The value of the statement is depreciating rapidly as a result of its excessive use. Once upon a time, I love you, used to mean a deep, caring concern for a loved one.
A person would only say I love you to a family member, best friend or a lover. At the present time, people say I love you as if they were saying, you are my friend. The constant use of this statement makes it common and not unique.
Outside of Rye Country Day School a similar issue is being debated in American society. Heterosexuals all over America are resisting the implementation of gay marriage into law. By making marriage accesible to the gay community many Heterosexual Americans feel that the sanctity of marriage looses its value.
This is definately a topic to be taken lightly. It has affects within our schools and country's politics. Is too much of a good thing bad for our society?

Alex Osborne said...

“Love is a special word, and I use it only when I mean it. You say the word too much and it becomes cheap.” - Ray Charles

Riddhima said...

I love you Sam...

Hayley O'Neil said...

I think hugs are important. People's supply of them should definately increase. When I was visiting colleges, my tour guide at Goucher College in MD explained that they actaully have a "hug club". At first I was like "what the" and then the guide explained that during intense stretches of academic work (i.e. exams, term papers, etc.) members of the "hug club" would go around giving stressed students hugs. I think in terms of hugs, too much is not a bad thing. I would like to see demand go down, and supply increase- I don't believe that this would decrease hug value, but only make people feel good.