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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Featured Entry - Shopping for food on Amazon?

Personally, I just don't see why people would shop for food online. Yeah, it saves time but I think doing things like food shopping every once in a while is healthy. It makes sense for older people but for some reason I've never been a big fan of getting things delivered. In Brasil everything can be delivered right to your door. Supermarkets, pharmacies, McDonalds, electronics, everything. I think that makes people lazy. A lot of people don't have time to go food shopping so they shop online. I guess that works for them but I like the supermarket and food shopping. The article says that Amazon getting into the food market makes sense economically. It only ships non-perishable items so the market is limited. The real money is usually in the shipping when it comes to online shopping and Amazon offers a lot of cheap shipping options so it might not be as profitable. They mention that online shoppers are more loyal but I don't see that. I can't build a relationship with Amazon food but I go to the supermarket and I have the opportunity to meet new people.

- Marianna daCosta


Hayley O'Neil said...

I agree that shopping for food in the supermarket regularly is healthy and I actually like it too. Amazon seems to be completely taking over every industry in things to ship, and food does definately seem a little crazy. Amazon has found a way to capitalize on American laziness and need for instant gratification; I have even heard that in the future online companies like Amazon will completely outdue supermarkets, and all food purchases will be made online. Do American's really not have enough time in their busy lives to take twenty mintutes and go to the store themselves? I do think that during holidays, when families require bulk food (thanksgiving, Christmas, Chanukah ), Amazon's food service would come in handy and make life a lot easier during those hectic days. In general though, I think shopping for the everyday items is done easily enough without the help of Amazon.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Mariana on food delivery through Amazon.com. I think the fact that people are getting their food delivered from Amazon and other online sites is disgusting. It really shows how lazy our world has become. Also just the thought of having dairy delivered to me is revolting, can’t it all go bad? I do think it is interesting how the .com industry has revolutionized the way American's shop. Just a few years ago the thought of having any type of food delivered to the home was unimaginable. Right now food delivery through amazon and other sites may seem nasty, but I am sure as time goes on we will see this become everyday routine.
-Matt P