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Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Featured Entry - A Battle for Control of the Web

People’s usage of the internet is increasing more and more as the years progress.  Services such as Yahoo and Google are causing user to need and use much more bandwidth.  To accommodate for the increased usage, internet service providers spend millions of dollars to lay down more high speed cables.  These internet service providers want to begin charging these web companies  because they should incur some of the charges since they are causing the need for cable lines.  I believe that if web companies are charged, then they may start charging users to use their services, something I am definitely not looking forward to.
-Christian Joseph


Philip said...

The one thing that will keep the internet from being a commodity that can be charged for will be the nature of it. A gargantuan effort like trying to block free-internet access would probably require, at the very least, government backing, if not government funding. Anyway, I'm sure that (at the moment) it would be both too unpopular and too impossible to do. Now, that isn't to say that it will never happen, just not in the near future.

Matt said...

Yahoo has accumulated more cash than most of these Internet service providers. And not only that, they're domain name is their marketing plan. Yahoo will forever be a brand name, much like CVS Pharmacy or Food Emporium. Big search engines like Yahoo and Google control the internet as we know it. Google can sort which entries come up first in certain searches and which later. However, at the same time, they could never charge for their services (much the way if Food Emporium suddenly raised all their prices) because people would find an alternative. I'm afraid these internet service providers are in a bit of a tight situation.

alex buckingham said...

I think it's pretty clever of internet companies to realize they can make there websites better and faster demanding more bandwith, without haveing to pay for the cables. However the companies abusing this trick have so much money off advertising and what not, that it does not seem to unfair to ask for some money. Perhaps there will be a stall in internet technology and advancments as the internet providers and the websites figure out this issue.